M.A in Ethics and Public Affairs at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU HUM) is the first and unique undergraduate programme in Hong Kong dedicated to giving broad liberal arts education. The programme aims to train students to think critically, to write logically, to speak confidently, and to nurture students’ ability to solve problems, to sympathize with humanity and to appreciate life, which are indeed essential for making a successful career as well as living a full life.

MA in Ethics and Public Affairs – Apply Now!

M.A. in Ethics and Public Affairs

Online Application:  https://iss.hkbu.edu.hk/amsappl_pg/welcome.jsf

Application Deadline:

15 June (2nd batch);

 8 August, 2019 (3rd batch, part-time only)

Programme Fee:

The tuition fee for the entire programme is HK$ 100,000

(Full-time in two installments; Part-time in three installments)